"Busy Is Good"

I am well aware that I’ve not written a blog in a while. Apologies for this. I’m a bit crap at the regularity thing…. 

I’ve also been BUSY! This is a good thing, it means the mortgage is getting paid, the cupboards aren’t bare and adventures are happening. On the other side, it also means that a lot of my “home time” (when I would normally be writing and making videos) is taken up with housework and rest. 

But I’ve made a few decisions in the last month to try and get on top of the work vs life balance, which, as a freelancer I find to be a REALLY difficult balancing act. 

I love the bonkers nature of my “job” (it’s really not a job, it’s more of a life choice, which I am so grateful for), it takes me to all corners of the world, to hotels and event spaces in the most weird and wonderful of places (last year I managed Norwich, Santiago, Nottingham, Mexico City, Florida and Romania among others), but it’s also a little stressful and involves remembering where I need to be, when I’m supposed to be there, remember to book parking at the airport, make sure my mum can look after the dogs, that there’s enough clean pants, and the suitcase will fit in the hand luggage allowance for varying different low-cost airlines. 

What I *need* to do, and am working on, is finding a way to be more efficient with work vs life. How to find and make time to do everything that I want to do, and to have enough time to sleep and look after my own health at the same time. 

It’s a fun little challenge, but we’ll get there soon. 

In the meantime, I fully intend to enjoy the summer - we have even managed to steal 3 days away to go to the Isle of Wight with a tent, something I’ve not done properly in years, but was every childhood summer I can remember. 

At some point I will get around to putting up the shelves, toilet roll holders, pictures and various other things that have been stacked against walls since we moved into our house two years ago, but really, that can wait. 

I try to have a point to my blogs, and I think the point to this one is that there’s no point getting stressed about all the things you haven’t done that you planned on doing. If they were THAT important, they’d get done. Trust me. It doesn’t matter that the laundry hasn’t been folded properly, that the shredder in my office is over flowing, that we ran out of dishwasher tablets and I’ve been washing my hair with free miniature shampoos we steal from hotels simply because I keep forgetting to buy new product when I go to the shops. 

Be happy, be creative and everything will find it’s time and place. 

I would love to do more than I do. I would love to have the time and mental capacity to make 2 or 3 Youtube Videos a month. I don’t. I know that now, and it was silly of me to try. I would love to write a weekly blog post about an important topic, but really, I don’t get worked up enough about anything enough to sit down and write about it. 

Accepting your own limits is a tough trick to master, but I’m starting to get there, and already I find that I’m sleeping better and breathing more deeply. 

SO, while the weather is nice (or at least it is here in South Wales!) go and enjoy it, the washing will still be there when you come back. Don’t stress, enjoy the summer and let’s all reconvene when we’ve got a minute. 



Big Love, Mugglefuggers.

CwR xxx

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