FAQ Off Part 2

I told you to FAQ off and yet you're back. Apologies for the delay on putting this out - I know I said it would be Saturday, but the weekend ran away with me I'm afraid... Anyway, here it is...!

What was your favourite thing to film in Harry Potter?

Well, in 11 years of filming, it’s impossible to pick one moment….

- There was the first ever filming I did in Goathland, as the Hogwarts Express arrived / departed. 

- There was the Sundays at Kings Cross Station endlessly running at brick walls.

- There was spending two weeks in Gloucester Cathedral with Rik Mayall learning not to laugh during takes.

- There was the hours and hours and weeks and months spent in the Great Hall. 

- TROOOOOOOOOLLLL IN THE DUNGEON. (That was as much a surprise to us as it was to you!)

- There’s breakfast at the Burrow (night shirt and bed hair)

- There was being asked to help audition Penelope Clearwaters. (Seriously - they asked a 17 year old geeky, spotty ginger boy to basically “Pick the one you’d like to play your girlfriend”)

- There was working with Alfonso Cuaron and the time he showed me the concept work for the Dementors during a quiet spot in the day.

- There was having a tailor brought up from Saville Row especially to create a suit for Percy. (by the way, I want to get my hands on that suit, if it’s the last thing I do….)

- There was having Imelda Staunton helping to do my hair in the mornings. 

- There was sitting and talking to Robert Hardy for hours on end about his life, about being friends with Richard Burton and being tutored at Oxford by C S Lewis and Tolkien.

- There was the bit where I spent a day with a stunt man pointing a fire extinguisher at me in case I landed in the fire place during Dumbledore’s escape. 

- There was riding up and down the studios in a golf buggy chatting to Gambon about some of the most ridiculous stories you’ve ever heard.

- There was learning to wand fight for the Battle of Hogwarts.

- There was fighting Death Eaters

- There was sitting on set with the surviving Weasleys, drinking tea and not realising that the cameras were running.

- There was getting out of a car at the first ever Premier and not having a clue how to react. 

- There was going to Leicester Square the morning of the Chamber of Secrets premier and meeting all the amazing people who had travelled the world and slept on the streets to be there that day.

- There was that final day. That final day where I didn’t want to leave. I didn’t want 11 amazing years to be over.

Hope that answers the question….

That’s purely a snapshot of the 11 years of amazing memories. There are thousands more. But I need to have something to tell you next time….

Big Love, Mugglefuggers

CwR xx

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